Updates from the Globe 9/12-9/18

Chile remembers its 9/11

Explosion at French nuclear site of Marcoule

Texas Wildfire Destroys More Than 1,500 Homes

Longshoreman’s Union Rises to the Challenge

Capital gains tax rates benefiting wealthy feed growing gap between rich and poor

Financial speculators responsible for rising global food prices, claims report

U.S. Afghanistan Embassy Attacked: Taliban Claims Responsibility For Assault On Kabul

Noam Chomsky: Looking Back on 9/11 a Decade Later

Ten Thousand Fukushimas

300 university departments occupied by students(Greece)

Asia’s nuclear addiction

Record Arctic Ice Melt Threatens Global Security

Canada ‘selling’ its sovereignty under proposed border deal with U.S.: Report

The Food Movement: Its Power and Possibilities

Companies ejected from London arms fair for ‘promoting cluster bombs’

Pakistan floods: world ignoring humanitarian crisis

Recent Blackout Highlights Nation’s Rickety Power Grid

As Amnesty International Mobilizes Activists for Global Day of Solidarity for Troy Davis, Support for Clemency Grows

UN Report Urges Countries to Take Action to Protect Human Right to Water

Amazon pollution victims ask New York judge to award $8bn Chevron money

The climate gamble on African soil

Protesters invade NYC Financial District

Chinese villagers accuse police of suppressing solar panel factory protest

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