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March 10: FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT at Stony Point Center, NY



March 11: Screening: THE ULTIMATE WISH – Ending The Nuclear Age at Anthology Film Archives

March 11-12: Symposium: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident l March 11-12, 2013



February 08: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.6: SOMBA KE: THE MONEY PLACE 

January 18: Screening & Discussion : “Cold Shutdown” at Bluestockings



December 01: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.6: YAMA – ATTACK TO ATTACK & NUCLEAR GINZA


December 19: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.7: WOMEN OF FUKUSHIMA


November 15: Radioactivism: Screening and Discussion on Responses to Japan’s Nuclear Crisis


October 4 – November 4:
Exhibition: “RadioActivity! – Anti-Nuclear Movements from Three Mile Island to Fukushima” @ Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY


October 18: Film Screening: “Stronger than Before” and short films by Chim↑Pom at Interference Archive, Brooklyn

October 13: Global Action in solidarity with Hydrangea Revolution: call for simultaneous action worldwide, location TBA

October 11: Film Screening: “Nuclear Ginza” “Amateur Riot” and “A Letter To Lady Gaga” at Interference Archive, Brooklyn


October 9th: Yabu Shiro: “Japan’s Reconstruction Projects, Past & Present, and the People’s Struggle” @ NYU



October 7: Forum:”RadioActivity! -Creating Everyday Revolution After Fukushima” @ 16 Beaver, NYC


September 21: An Evening Rendezvous of No Nukes Films, Washington, DC

::: this event was organized as a part of three-day anti-nukes rally in Washington, DC:

July 19: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.05: INTO ETERNITY


June 28: Hey Japan! Never Restart Nuke Plants!


[Report by Susan Hamaker]


June 22: Revolutionary Exodus Against the State Project  – n.o.n.u.k.e.s. exhibition & conversation -


June 12: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. RADIO DEMO! @ Tompkins Sq. Park, NYC

[mp3 Archive of the Radio Program at WBAI]

[Video 1]  [Video 2]


 May 17: NRC Public Hearing Re: Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant @DoubleTree Hotel, Tarrytown, NY

[Video Archive by Cinema Forum Fukushima]


May 9: NYC Premiere: “FUKUSHIMA, NEVER AGAIN” @ Goddard Riverside Community Center, NYC

May 10: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. Film & Talk vol.4: “FUKUSHIMA, NEVER AGAIN”@ 83 Hester Street, NYC

May 5: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. PARTY – It’s A Celebration And By Any Means Necessary! @ Central Park, NYC

May 5: Atomic Age II: Fukushima @ University of Chicago


May 4: Japanese Nuclear Scientist and Japanese and US medical doctors to discuss current radiological health conditions and concerns in Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor catastrophe. (link to PDF press release)

[Video archive by Cinema Forum Fukushima]


April 27: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. Film & Talk vol.03: “MY BOYFRIEND WAS ARRESTED!” @ 83 Hester Street, NYC


April 28: A Conversation with Otomo Yoshihide @ CUNY Graduate Center, NYC

April 22: “MY BOYFRIEND WAS ARRESTED!” @ Spectacle Theater

April 13: n.o.n.u.k.e.s. Film & Talk vol.02: “RADIOACTIVISTS” @ Cage 83 Hester Street, NYC


March 17: Panel: People’s Movement In the Post Fukushima Nuclear Power Catastrophe

@ Left Forum – Pace University, NYC

A panel discussion with: Minori Nakamura, Keisuke Jinno, Sabu Kohso, Yuko Tonohira, Julia Leser (video) and Clarissa Seidel (video)

[Left Forum website]



March 11: A March To Liberate Our Bodies — Sayonara Nukes!

@ Union Square, NYC


[Ustream Archive]




December 22: Permanent Wave Presents: A Benefit for Human Recovery Project & Women’s Anti-Nuke Movement in Japan

at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge with live music by

::::::::SPEEDY ORTIZ (mem. QUILTY)

Live music, bake sale, video screening, flag-making workshop, speakers, calls for solidarity with women in Japan.

[Permanent Wave]

[Human Recovery Project]


December 7: Learn From 3.11 – “What do you know about nuclear energy?”

[Event details]

[Learn from 3.11 on FB]



at San Francisco State University


[Conference Website]


November 16: Otomo Yoshihide: Living Under Radiation – The Role of Arts after 3.11 Fukushima




November 2: Occupy Japanese Consulate

[VIDEO by One World No Nukes]



[VIDEO: The World After 3.11 Fukushima @ CUNY Graduate Center]

[VIDEO: What is Happening in Japan after 3.11 Fukushima @ Bluestockings]


September 22: URGENT protest @ UN with Fukushima delegate



June 11: ACTION 6.11 – No Nuclear Power